March 10, 2008
Last Game(s) of the Regular Season

We played our last game of the regular season against the Black Widows of Harrisburg at home on Saturday. Sadly we lost 4-3, which puts us in 4th place and the Widows in 1st... which means we'll be playing them again next Saturday as well. Honestly, I think we can take them. We just need to (a) not leave anyone alone on the back door, and (b) not hand them breakaways. We already did a good job of not responding to the whining, I thought.

Directly after our game, the Indy team played *their* last game of the season. They were a bit short, so a few of our players helped out. I didn't because I'd arranged for Al to drop the Beaner off after my game was finished; we were planning a Freeze-wide cookout after both games were over, and since it was a large time commitment for me, I wanted to make sure I shouldered my share of the childcare.

The Beaner actually watched the game with me fairly actively. I've learned that the secrets to keeping him interested for three whole periods are (1) bring at least two drinks (vanilla and chocolate soy milk this time) and lots of different snacks (dried apricots, pretzels, fruit gummis, tangelos, baby carrots); (2) bring the camera and shoot video (he likes to sing and/or commentate); (3) cover his ears when the end-of-period buzzer goes off; and (4) tell him which players are which, and then cheer actively. He'll join in.

Speaking of video, I got a couple fun clips, including this one:

...which ended with this:

jill in the penalty box

There are more photos from the game in the Philadelphia Freeze Pool on Flickr, and I'll be uploading videos to Vimeo over the next couple days. (One of Molly on O and Katrin on D is already posted.)

freeze on 3!

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March 04, 2008
Better Than I Remembered

So I mentioned in the last post that I couldn't remember on my goal whether the goalie made a save and I got the rebound, whether the puck hit a defenseman, or what. Well, I asked in the locker room last night at practice, and it turns out that it was a one-timer. Which makes total sense, now that I think of it, because Meghan and I have been practicing this very shot at the beginning of practice for a couple weeks now. Meghan doesn't seem to mind passing me puck after puck from the corner or the hashmarks at the boards, so I just keep stopping and flipping or one-timing until my back hurts or Billy blows the whistle for us to start skating. In my mind, that means Meghan deserves an assist on that goal, even though she wasn't on the ice at the time. :-)

We also talked about Tiff's goal; like me, she couldn't remember how it happened, exactly, but the rest of us remembered it being a one-timer. What's funny is that she clearly remembered my goal being a one-timer, but couldn't remember how her own went down, while I clearly remembered her goal being a one-timer, but couldn't remember how *my* own went down. Guess we've cleared that up now.

I got a bit more video of the drills last night for an upcoming post, but other than that (and the warm-up one-timer practice with Meghan), it wasn't that great a practice for me. I'm getting over bronchitis, and I spent the entire practice coughing, soaking through the two Kleenex tissues I'd brought to the bench almost immediately, sniffling, and coughing some more. Consequently, I didn't get as good a workout as I'm used to. Hopefully I'll still be able to play effectively in our game against Queenston on Saturday...

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March 02, 2008

We interrupt this silence to report that I SCORED MY FIRST GOAL OF THE SEASON in yesterday's game. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a freakin' relief to know that I *could*, in fact, score a goal in an actual game. A.T. had the assist (or the original shot, really); I was down in front and a little to the right (so I could see A.T.'s shot coming from the point—I remember being told at the Sharks clinic a few years ago to always face the puck). I can't remember if the goalie blocked it or one of the D did, but when the puck popped out in front of me, I was able to knock it in over the goalie's leg. It was the first goal of the game, and thus the winning goal, as the final score was 3-0.

The other two goals were scored in the third period. The first was by Tiffany, in an almost identical setup to mine with A.T. again shooting from the point, and then Steph had a satisfying empty-netter at the end. (It was satisfying mostly because she skated around several opponents before taking the shot.)

Our last game of the regular season is next Saturday, when we will play the Black Widows (to whom we lost 7-0 in Harrisburg back in December, when Laurie volunteered to play goalie; she actually stopped way more shots than the score indicates, while we couldn't get our act together on offense AT ALL). Meanwhile, the Senators will face Queenston—which means all 4 playoff teams will be playing each other on the 8th as well as on the 15th & 16th. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out!

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