Women's Hockey Rules

...for many reasons, not least of which is that women bring beer and baked goods to share. It occurred to me last year at Christmas, when I decided not to do any baking (boo!) because I wasn't eating sugar and I had no one else to share the bounty with that DUH, I could have brought the fruits of my labor with me to hockey practice. (It's a perfect arrangement, actually, since practices are on Monday nights, directly after the days when I'm most likely to have time to bake.) I resolved that THIS YEAR I would be baking, and bringing.

Of course, some women don't need a stinkin' holiday to bake. The last pickup session of the summer is reason enough to share the sugar. Evidence: Not one but TWO women brought cupcakes to last night's pickup at NE Skatezone. (And Barabara brought "beverages. Adult beverages" to share, too.) Angela's offerings even came in a specially-designed delivery system:

angela's awesome cupcake delivery system

I left early (because I'd neglected to set expectations about when I'd be home when I left the house, and Al was having trouble getting the Beaner to bed), so I missed the Beer and Cupcakes in the Parking Lot after-party. I did, however, lift the cover of the delivery system to get a closeup of the decorations (verdict: amazing) on my way out, and they smelled yummy.

cupcakes by angela

First practice for the Freeze Fall/Winter '07-08 season is on September 24. I can't wait! If you're in the Philly/South Jersey/Delaware Valley area and need a team, e-mail the team captains for more info. Beginners are welcome!

Edited to add: No slight intended to the male bakers out there—and the Macromedia Contribute team had several, to the extent that they had to draw up a schedule for when folks could bring in goodies to share. It just hasn't been my experience with coed/men's hockey teams that there've ever been baked goods brought to the locker room. It's happened several times with my women's tournament team, though.

Posted by Lori in | August 28, 2007·05:51 PM


Wow!!! Those cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!! Nicely done to those who brought them...AND adult bevvies as well! too bad I live on the west coast in Canada...or I'd be showing up on a regular basis! We tend to just stick with the adult bevvies here...though there is the odd occasion where a birthday cake shows up.

Posted by: YaYa at September 1, 2007 11:47 AM

you missed my guacamole, too! :(

those cupcakes were damn good.

oh well. there will be more beer and food and fun this season. I can't wait either!!

Posted by: shelly at September 2, 2007 4:28 PM