Game On

Well, we've played three games so far, and by the time I get to write about them I'll probably have them all confused in my head. I'm traveling with Al and the Beaner this time, which means that instead of writing and uploading photos between games, I'm doing my best to carry some of the parenting load. Luckily I took some video (and Ann, our bench coach, got some of the third game, too), so I'll have that to jog my memory.

The big news in the meantime is: I can skate! The ankle taping + tight skate lacing + skate taping + shinpad taping is supporting my ankle well enough that I can turn, stop, and skate (almost) as usual. I'm a little less agile because of the extra stiffness all that tape adds, but I'm not playing badly at all. Woo!

Posted by Lori in Vancouver Tournament 2007 | May 27, 2007·01:22 AM