September 28, 2006
Hockey Season!

So finally, a hockey update! It looks like Al and I will be changing teams AGAIN this season. We waited (and waited, and waited) for an e-mail from anyone on the Admirals to tell us when the season would be starting and what decision had been made about which rink the team would be playing at, but here it is almost October, and nothing. So I e-mailed the team captain and got the news that the roster is full. We're looking into other coed options in the area, though it seems that most leagues started a week or two ago.

Meanwhile, I've e-mailed the Philadelphia Freeze to see about joining the D team that practices at UPenn. (They've also already started; first practice was on Monday.) I'd been wanting to try a coached team that practices regularly, and UPenn is within walking a mile of my house, so this seems like a good opportunity.

Hopefully we'll be playing hockey somewhere soon, and posting game and practice recaps shortly after that!

Posted by Lori at 3:10 PM