Too Bad There Are No Points For Goals Scored Against Ourselves

While I was busy agonizing over the underlying reasons for my crappy performance in our game against the Shock, my teammates were busy mulling over more specific failures of their own. Josh claimed credit (or blame?) for the fourth and fifth goals against us—and thus the entire loss—but Dan wouldn't let that stand. He wanted at least a share of the blame for the fourth goal.

I didn't talk much about specific game events in my last post, so I neglected to mention that Dmitry scored a goal* (yay, Dmitry!), and that I was at least partly responsible for one of the goals scored against us (and this is where I join in the self-flagellation that Josh and Dan initiated via e-mail). The incident I'm thinking of was one in which I had an excellent opportunity to steal the puck from the pointman and have a breakaway in the other direction. In lieu of that rosy scenario, I instead failed to execute a proper poke-check and, in the process, left the point both uncovered and in possession of the puck. Because of my failure to clear the zone (much less get a breakaway), the puck stayed in, and we were scored on a few seconds later. Do I get a 2nd assist for that?

* It's important to note that this goal, and at least three others in this game, were scored AGAINST OUR OPPONENTS. I want to make this clear because we have a dismaying—but nevertheless somewhat hilarious—habit of scoring goals on ourselves.

Posted by Lori in Admirals ~ Fall/Winter 2005-2006 | November 10, 2005·11:53 AM