July 21, 2004
The Plan

So as you might have guessed from the dearth of postings here at The Ice Hockey Escapades, we opted to take another season off. I'm not sure why Al did—inertia, most likely, as well as the league requirement that all teams have matching helmets and pants (it took him long enough to find *any* helmet that fit, and the idea of having to get another one just because this one's blue instead of black seems silly)—but I had a pretty good reason: I knew we were going to start trying to get pregnant earlier this year, and I didn't want to start a league only to have to drop out. Hockey is expensive, and I don't want to pay if I'm not going to play.

As it turns out, we were successful in our efforts to get pregnant, and I found out before the signup deadline for summer season, so I didn't have to mourn a missed opportunity to play. Before we knew we were pregnant, we'd talked about possibly splitting a season on a team, but in the end we came up with a better plan. We won't get to play together again for a while, but since we're not usually linemates, and there's still a gap in our skills (Al's been at it longer, so he's a bit stronger as a player), that doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

The plan is for Al to play during the fall/winter season, when I'll be either pregnant or feeding a newborn every 2 hours. I'll come cheer him on when I'm able (and so will the baby, when he's able!), and I'll write about Al's games and experiences (as well as what I've learned from them) here whenever I have a chance. Summer season will be my turn to play and Al's turn to cheer/mind the baby. If I have time between games, feedings, and diaper changes, I'll post here with progress reports. I imagine I'll have lost some of my edge just from the time off, not to mention what pregnancy and childbirth will have done to my body and my fitness level, sadly. It'll be interesting to see.

So aside from this post (which is the first in about 6 months!), the Ice Hockey Escapades will continue to be quiet until the fall season starts up for Al. Hope everyone's having a great summer, on or off the ice!

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