July 02, 2003

I'm feeling a certain amount of pressure to update my hockey blog after each game now, and I find that I'm torn between giving an accurate account of the game and commenting on how I did personally. Funny how things change when you *know* someone's reading...

We'll have the next two weeks off from hockey—the first because of 4th of July weekend and the second because Al & I will be away. Hopefully the break will take away some of the pressure of blogging about the games, but I'll really miss the games themselves. I think we'll probably go to the Blade Runners practice this Thursday to make up for the upcoming hockey drought.

Meanwhile, my fear of blogging means that two games have gone by uncommented-on (at least by me). Last week we beat the Snowcones 3-0; I don't remember doing anything particularly spectacular, though I did have some good work fighting for the puck against the boards. I also had one moment of complete inanity: I had stayed back on D and had turned to get back when the Snowcone who was charging out of the zone lost the puck. I was in the process of turning at the time and didn't realize that he'd sort of poked it toward my feet. Al said it was pretty painful to watch, since all I'd have had to do was turn around, grab the puck, and dash back into the zone. Instead, I looked around obliviously while everyone screamed, "FEET!"

me with the duck Last night's game against the Pacific Predators was better for me and the team in general, though we lost 4-3. (Many of us agreed after the game that we'd rather play a good, well-fought game and lose than walk all over another team without trying or while playing sloppily.) I tried to be a dogged forechecker, and some of my efforts resulted in turnovers. Al also noted that I had at least one successful backcheck, where I actually caught a guy and knocked him off the puck. He said he'd never seen me do that before, though it seems to me that I have. I think the difference is that usually if I can catch up, I can't do anything when I get there because I stop moving my feet. This time, apparently, my feet stayed moving.

I think the play that was most duckworthy, however, was another forechecking move that set up a scoring chance. I'd blocked a clearing pass off the instep of my skate and followed the puck as it flew behind the goal line. I set up back there and waited for someone to get in front. Inga did, I passed to her, and she got a shot off. The shot went over the net, but it was still a good play all around.

Overall I thought everybody had a good game, especially Kevin, who was very effective on D. Can't wait to see if we can bring the magic to our game against the Snowballs on the 20th.

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