Skate Date

Tonight Al and I are going to the public skate at the Bridgepointe Ice Center. This is turning into a regular gig for us, part date night, part hockey training. We've noticed that it's not so much that the exercise gets us in shape (sometimes we barely skate above a mosey), but rather the feeling of constant motion that prepares us for games. Constant motion is what hockey is all about—something that's too easy to forget. I often catch myself standing around on the ice when I should be shadowing an opponent or getting open for a pass.

That's the other thing about the public skating/constant motion thing: to keep going around the same circle over and over from getting boring, I sometimes break into a sprint or practice skating around the other patrons as if they were orange cones (i.e., not letting myself pass more than one person at a time on the same side). This helps me in games because going from slow glide to top speed and skating in traffic become intuitive. I actually think it would be more helpful if the other patrons skated *at* me, but I don't want to be a jerk or scare anyone who can barely stand on skates by going in the opposite direction.

al practices backwards crossovers al is so cute! don't blurry, be happy yiahhhhhhhhh!

Posted by Lori in | March 5, 2003·06:35 PM